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BTC be back

| Went up like 2k yesterday

| i still don't know how to fucking BTC
i want to buy some without moving my fat ass from this chair and without giving out personal info.
how do i do that

| >>574317 I know of two options
1 - mine bitcoin(that's unrealistic and unreasonable, tbh)
2 - get someone as a proxy for your transactions, so their personal info is given away instead of yours

Unfortunately the crypto brokers made it near impossible to enter the market anonymously

| >>574321
gib me btc

| >>574325 I don't have BTC, but I've got a little bit(almost nothing) od ethereum and some dai stablecoins that I'm looking to sell for real money

| Yeah, let's just burn more ressources for a finance/tech product which most important purpose has become speculation.

| >>574359 get on with times geezer, print money is way more damaging and wasteful than crypto.

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This thread is permanently archived