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I want to bring back the old internet

| Hello people on /tech/ I am here today with an initiative to bring back the old and weird internet from the grave.

I ask you all for your support, all ypu have to do is make a crazy weird website of your own, in the style of the golden ages and share it with everyone you know

| Mine's still under construction

| For these who want to host a geocities-like site I would suggest neocities.

btw i've been imagining a darknet like I2P and ZeroNet that imitates the 2002-2007 internet design for quite a while, wonder if that'd be possible.

| >>573733 why not just use one of those two?

I'm not so onboard with the 2002-2007 design principles, but I would love to see more interesting small websites crop back up. Everybody only using Discord and such makes the Web feel so small and boring.

| >>573728 That'll never happen anymore, that era is gone. You're missing the entire reason why it's gone, it's due to the masses of people that would never identify with it or even integrate to its culture of non seriousness and far left ideology based on freedom and no censorship, the masses are too dumb for any of that and started being to able to get on the internet with their smartphones and shit it up with their typical regular life values and turning into another form of tv.

| >>574017 Why can't we just make it a subculture? Most of those people wouldn't even notice a bunch of tiny websites, let alone do anything detrimental. Why not just leave them all behind? This textboard does that already, although it seems that we might be getting popular enough to attract annoying people.

Saying 'another form of tv' made me wonder if there's a similar idea in other mediums. I doubt there's one for television, but maybe for radio?

| >>574031 The reason why it can't be a subculture anymore is because there isn't a lot of us anymore. Also, if it does happen, it'll end up getting popular and start getting flooded by the masses that we didn't want to have anything to do with, just like what happened to the internet. The entire situation is gone, anybody can easily get on the internet now, It's weird to see how normal it is to talk about internet memes and internet things now when back then it would be weird.

| >>574031 The only way it could be somewhat possible is if it was hard to be accessible by most people with their smartphones, maybe it can be something decentralized and hard to get into but with the pro of being privacy focused, something that the masses don't give a shit about. Either ways I don't think there's many of us anymore like it was back then, I don't think it'll pull off anymore. It's a miracle for someone to even state this brutally honest now like how I did.

| The thing about old internet is that it wasn't mobile friendly at all
So that's already a hurdle against normies

| >>574040 Being small is to our advantage. If you're concerned about becoming too popular, then it should be a good thing that there aren't many of us, no?
Also, there's a lot of people who don't necessarily want 2000s internet but are looking for smaller/alternative websites in general. Most of the people on this board probably are.
Filtering through technological skill is good, but isn't creating your own sites pretty high-skill already? Most people can't do that.

| WWW?? Nah, I don't wait that long...

| I'd make more sites on Neocities if they didn't use REEcaptcha for signups.

| I say we try anyway. There's not much to lose.

| If someone sets this up, and people see it as good, it'll be used. No need to worry about if the world is fit for these things, just do it and find out then. Even if it flops, the things you learn and the people you meet along the way will be invaluable.

| >>574017
>old internet
>far left ideology
i'm interested in this. last summer, i read that tubes book and it basically said that 90s internet was about the same freedom values, but instead, it was based in a capitalist free market ideology.

i understand that a lot of right wing politicians are attacking these values, but i wouldn't say old school internet is "far left".

anyways, i feel like old internet was a lot more honest.

| we need ascii art!

| You all just lost...

The Game

Damn you! >>33e9a1

| >>574305 it depends on your definition of left, the us political one or the general freedom loving vs structured ones, for a good example look at the old hippies they're extremely left but in the freedom sense and not in the current political left sense

| I'm for this, I propose we ban/heavily discourage JavaScript, come up with some image size limits, we could also prefer if every site used a specific subdomain (like www only something clever) and of course keep the old design language

| From what I gather, some of you are looking for 'webrings'. There's a fair amount of these even today, though they usually range from somewhat dead or obscure to large and crowded.
soda.privatevoid.net comes to mind for the former, and tilde.club for the latter - whichever you prefer is mostly down to how much you mind the member count. soda's small and somewhat obscure, tilde's large and well-known enough to warrant over a thousand members. Pick your poison.

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