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The heck is mastodon

| All I know is that it's swarmed by japanese people doing god-knows-what that wasn't allowed by the dystopian american corporation of Twitter.

| I've seen it shilled by FOSS cucks as a decentralised twitter, but I haven't really looked into it further than that

| >>573639 FOSS cucks? What's that?

| >>573595 no idea what it is but if it has good hentai I'm in

| >>573654 Free & Open Source Software

Mastadon is just Twitter really it's designed to be like Twitter they call it toots instead of tweets because it's an elephant

It's just Twitter without Twitter's bs

| >>573668 I know what's FOSS, I just don't know how liking FOSS makes anyone a cuck

| Oh it's because they can't think of an insult and auto pilot to cuck for some reason

| >>573670
So they're automatic cucks ?

| >decentralized twitter.

That's basically what it is, with several "instances" that are run by individual people that you can join. If an instance is killed, the service itself doesn't die, because the service is really thousands of things, instead of one central thing.

Also, you can write up to 500 characters instead of twitter's 140/280.

| Hipster Twitter

| >>573685 what time-line are we living in....
Remember when Twitter was THE hipster social network?

| Oh, I 'member...

| All these tech illitirates making excuses for their lack of xRtt##&u

| Mastodon is a free (as in freedom) and decentral microbloging software, which is not yet pwned by marketing assholes, bourgeois feminists and Robert Mercers nazi bot hordes and their most shittiest president of the most shittiest asshole country in the world (who is an orange).

| >>573803 liar, the shitty president is a cheeto

| More specifically beyond what has already been said, it is an implementation of GNU Social, and is therefore able to federate and interact with other GNU Social implementations, such as Plemora and base.

If anybody is familiar with GNU Social, please correct me.

| I know what it does and >>574058 I think they are both implementations of Open Status or something like that.

Though >>573678 I'm not sure if that's how it works? I heard you can make completely isolated instance, and your username is registered to an instance so if it dies won't it be gone forever?

What I'm interested is mostly social/cultural aspect (like who is using it, how it came to be) or am I asking the wrong board here lmao

>>573803 found the FOSS cuck xD

| >>574073 Foss cuck, I still can't believe cuck is used as an insult, try and be a little clever will you?

Also your question seems obvious to me it exists because people don't trust Facebook & Twitter, and it's culture exists because of censorship, if Twitter bans an artist for something they don't see anything wrong with, "oh look pixiv this other site i use has this Twitter look alike I'll just use that"

| >>574073
>I heard you can make completely isolated instance
You can always make completely isolated instances with any server software if you have at least the binaries and libs or even the source code for.

>What I'm interested is mostly social/cultural aspect (like who is using it, how it came to be)
People that value freedom (as in free speech and free choice) and privacy, a.k.a. FOSS cucks.

| Why don't we abbreviate FOSS cucks and just call them Fucks?

| >>574134

| >>574113
we see this is practice with my favorite degenerate art instance which has successfully been defederated and blocked even by supposed free speech loving instances and is slowly becoming an isolated instance with no one but itself and pawoo to touch benis with

| >>574180
please let me know of that instance. I need to know what kind of terrible quasi satanism they are participating in that drives even the fringe internet users away for social observation and other purposes

| >>574085 >>574113
> try and be a little clever will you?
maybe if you don't react to it every time..

> People that value freedom (etc)
see, you guys sound like missionaries by virtue signaling at every opportunity. at some point I wonder if you are promoting FOSS or promoting people who promote FOSS.

| >>574073

You *could* make a completely isolated instance if you really wanted to, yes. Basically the ultimate echobox, but that's hardly a problem for anyone except the instance owner who created it, and those who willingly joined it. If people want to isolate themselves, is it really our problem?

There are actually instances like that, or those that are so stupidly controlled and regulated by egotistical admins that they're worse than proprietary networks- but you don't need to use their instance. There are many, many alternatives with less idiotic people.

The important part though, is should that instance implode one day, the rest of the fediverse won't. The same is not true of centralized networks, e.g, almost everyone else. And on top of that, whomever's running that super isolated instance can't impose their asinine policies on anyone else either.

Also, your username may be registered to an "instance," but there's nothing stopping you from using it on a completely different instance.

| >>574183
(id change)
it takes the hard stance allowing all artistic expression. there are some rules, for instance, posting other peoples work is frowned on, but if you draw it you can post it there no matter what it is.

| >>574190 >>574210
appreciated !

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