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Text editors of danger/u/

| What editors ya'll using?

| If CLI (which is 99% of the time for me), it's vim. Else whatever I have installed - geany, leafpad, anything.

| I like neovim

| I'm personally a big fan of Sublime Text

| I cant really contribute with anything other than I use vim everywhere. Even on the Windows security courses at school I run wim.

A couple of years ago I was still using nano and notepad for text editing and visual studio for coding.

| I use gedit for quick stuff, nano for terminal, and vscode for more advanced code editing

| Visual Studio Code :^)

| Atom.

It's horribly slow and heavy, but I already modified it to do everything I need and I'm too lazy to install a better text editor. Help.

| >>573432
Strange, I also use Atom, and it is quite light for me.

Geany is another I use.

| Nano for basic shit VSCode for syntax highlighting

| Kate from KDE and Vim
A friend of mine is a big fan of emacs and tries to convince me all the time... actually it's very impressive watching him work with it.

| notepad++ because I'm trying to quit coding and get into more creative endeavors.

| >>573594 just be creative with your coding, I've seen some people write poems, song lyrics, etc in proper syntax

| Nano for config files, sublime for logs & basic text files, visual studio code for... Well code

| neovim 99% of the time.
1% is running jupyter notebook with its various languages.
Learning about emacs is a fun time though.

| >>573594
Hey there, fellow notepad++ g/u/rl!

| Vim when I can and proprietary c ides for windows when I'm forced to.

| It makes me sad to see so many people using nano...

Please use anything but nano, please...

| Sublime text, since im on windows

| >>573868
What's wrong with nano?

| No emacs here?

| >>573769
thinking of learning 3D and writing shaders rn. I'm not much of a poet.

hey there my g/u/rl!

| >>574074 could always write meme programs, I know a guy who wrote a program that checks your screen for triangles and overlays the Illuminati eye and plays the xfiles theme when it finds one

| >>573993
Emacs is too 1337 for this place.
Well, it's very minimalistic but not developed with modularity/extensibility in mind.

>sublime text
I don't understand it. Kate from KDE is as powerful (and partly even superior) to sublime text and free (as in freedom) but still there are people who prefer that proprietary shit. Is it because of ideological reasons?

| nanodesuu~

| I love everyone who's talking abou vim, emacs and such.
"Hey, what's your favourite pair of shoes?
-> Everyone talks about cars"

| >>574254
To be fair, op didn't say if shoes are not cars

| >>574266
And to be fair, you don't need shoes if you have cars. Show them broke people you mean business by having more than one cars but no shoes.

| acme, anyone?

| >>573993
Ayy another emacs user. It's undeniably the best for editing lisp

| I just use notepad lol

| >>573930 it's personal, the keybindings are confusing to me, so much that I killed a server's config by accident...>facepalm
Using vim ever since

| >>574562 I have to say I think you're the first person to say vim is less confusing than nano, but hey I hear Vim is better anyway so nothing lost (except that server config rip)

| nano for over-server, notepad for basic texts and gedit for everything else.
very based. i never quite got around understanding acme fully, but as far as plan 9 utilities go, it's nice.

| >>574640 Cool. I'm taking a dip into oldtech and Plan 9 had the right combo. Took me a bit to learn acme but it's not that bad.
CAPTCHA/> nude ovule jeep

| >>574640 Why notepad, is there this one odd PC rinning Windows or something?

| >>574691
the one odd PC running Windows is the only one i use. if nano and gedit confused you, it's because i use nano over PuTTY sessions and gedit is, uh, gedit. it has a windows port. all there is to it. in spite of the shit it gets, it's a pretty comfy editor.
Plan 9's general Unix philosophy and mouse-oriented actions are really neat, though i never really looked into trying it out too much. i do recommend checking out 9front, though. same principle, just modern.

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