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Web Forum question

| I have seen lot's of forums / community sort of websites that use what seems to be the exact same program(or whatever you wanna call it) for their forum and so I wondered if anybody knew what is was.
e.g.: community.letsencrypt.org

| but ye those two are like the 15th forum i've stumbled upon using that exsact look with exsactly the same features

| Looks like Discourse to me.

| I have a feeling it's this one

| Interesint so this is free all in one web server software?

| Are there many projects like this or is discourse unique in it's aproach?
Is there a term for this type of thing?
(and thanks very mutch for the quick anwser)

| >>573116
They're called 'internet forum software' AFAIK. There are lots of them (vBulettin and bbPress comes to mind immediately) and plenty of them are open source which allows for self-hosting.

| Level1Techs formus are hella nice

| Oh man I used to be a forum nerd years ago.

It's called either forum/bulletin board/message board software. Back in the days phpBB and its forks were probably the most common. Also vBulletin, InvisionFree, Zetaboards, Simple Machines and probably a couple I don't remember.

They kinda died after social media killed off most message boards. Tapatalk and Discourse are kind of the modern incarnations.

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This thread is permanently archived