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| Long time user of an HP 25es. Fantastic [email protected] IPS. No issues whatsoever. Good price too, around 150 USD.

Bought some cheap ASUS [email protected] for around the same price, about 6 months ago. Sites said it was IPS, but plug it in and it's a dagum TN. Pixels are sharp as grease, and there is a .75-1.0 gamma difference between the top and bottom the screen. Combine that with the TATE-ible stand and you have hell.

Back to my 25es today. No Ragrets.

Know any other good budget monitors?

| I'm not mutch of a monitor expert but have had a Samsung U28E590D for about a year now and honestly I think It's great picture looks sharper then any other monitor i have ever had.
But ever since I have gotten it it's been making this awfull high pitched noise which i can only assume is a bad capacitor.

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This thread is permanently archived