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| Hi g/u/rls I'm bored as hell and I wonder if any of u had any tips, advices and recommendations to enter in de darknet thanku

| go away narc

| First call 911
Then say "I'm a drug dealer and want to turn myself in"
This is the secret code for the NSA to allow you to access the true darknet they will send a special modem that is connected to the secret service network

| Very funny, assholes u.u

| >>572575

| Install the "DarkReader" Addon for Firefox/Chrome and enable your desktops dark mode. Then open some terminal emulators (important: setup green text on black background), wear a hoody and ski-mask - et voila: le dark net!

| >>572609
Ha ha, dickhead

| >>572609 don't forget that it works better on Starbucks

| >>572609 lmoa noob forgot about incognito mode

| Visit hidden wiki, you can find all kinds of links there. Although you will have to find the link to the wiki itself first...

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This thread is permanently archived