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| Proprietary service: *exists*
/tech/: tHaT's A pRiVaCy CoNcErN

thanks for coming to my TED talk

| Well....
They're not wrong, proprietary systems are vulnerable and companies try to sweep problems under the rug until things get ugly.

It's like you're using a mysterious magical box and don't know the real cost or side effects of it

| Reminds me of Windows, I follow a bunch of people who go for bug bounties and have started finding obscure ways to use smaller bugs to reach bigger exploits so Microsoft will actually fix them

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Open Standards and decentral networks: *exists*
/businesses and politcs/: tHaT's a PoWEr cOnCeRn (FoR uS)
/average user/: We bEliEve iN AuThoRiES iNsTeAd Of uS (oR AT lEAsT in /tech/ EXpErts)

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average users is more like "everyone else is using this, why should i make my life harder just for this random nerd"

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>why should i make my life harder just for this random nerd
Because, much more than your choice for pepsi or coke, when it is about defacto (IT-)Infrastructure plattforms, this behaviour forces other people to use it too.

Politics failed horribly to apply anti-trustlaw on Internet-Giants. No, they are more like their minions, giving up public infrastructure to those companies, offering free education for their products (hidden subvention) and don't get back enough taxes.

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People who love to use this technology which makes their lives easier forget, that it was invented and developed by exactly those "random nerds", which had the luck to grow up in an environment which was much more open, free and less restrictive than today.
They trust too much in market and marketing and the people who sell the stuff with fancy ad campaigns and shady lifestyle promises.
But now they start crying as manipulation, dependency and the powergap increase.

| >>572723 for most social media companies and also google anti-trust law doesn't apply. their customers aren't their users, its the advertizers. others, such as amazon, aren't really anti-competitive either as they don't compete with the people they sell (until they made Amazon Basics at least). so for the most part anti-trust law should have not been applied.
the public is getting cucked by them, though. too bad they can lobby us out of any legislation.

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Mastodon: *exists*

Average socmed user: iTs liKe A MoORe ConFuSiNg TwItTTER

Tumblr: *bought by Verizon, shoots self repeatedly in both feet, hands, and chest area.*

Average socmed user (at least, from tumblr): TO THE PROMISE LAND, MY KINKY BRETHEREN! TO MASTODON!

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The reason people are vocal about sutch practices are in a atempt to get people to at least know what their doing.
as the state the tech industry is in can't be considered anything short of abuse of the user.
the user should at least know that their being violated by whatever their using.

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