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Why aren't you using Google?

| Your "privacy" apps are nothing more than snake oil, why not take the redpill and embrace the Goolag?


| Because I already ground up the red and blue pill and snorted

| >>569590
TOR with ddg/searx are no snakeoil.
Fuck google.
Fuck Larry Page.
Fuck Boston Dynamics
Fuck USA
Also fuck Amazon, Fakebook, Microcock, Umbrella corp., Weyland-Yutani and all the other ones of this kind.

| Because I'm not a retard that loves corporations snooping on me. Go shill for that garbage somewhere else faggot

| Bad bait.

| >take the redpill and embrace the goolag
>also, conservitards complaining that google is filtering them out for political purposes
If you really want to 'take the redpill' then I don't think google is the right way to go.

| fuck ddg, just use searx

| One word: Yacy

| >>570244

fuck searx, use startpag-

actually, cancel that, now they're requiring a capcha you have to enter in every so often when searching, and for whatever reason the capcha breaks on mobile, making search impossible.

| ecosia?

| the fact that now we have backdoors even in our asses doesn't mean we have to stop trying to protect ourselves

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This thread is permanently archived