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Botnets without botnets

| I want a botnet but it's hard to use one with all botnets corporations put in their botnets
I want privacy in a botnet and botnets don't allow me to have a botnet without those damn botnets

| Program your own botnet without a botnet. But be careful, some languages have botnets inside.

| This botnet we're posting on about botnets is a big botnet, but not as big as the botnet we use to access the big bad botnet through which we find other botnets while searching for botnets about botnets.

| Just use FLOSS and stfu.

| >>569559 What this g/u/rl said, KISS.

Speaking of which...

I wonder if there's a KISS botnet store for FLOSS software, especially for distributed blockchain botnet technology. Think about the privacy a blockchain-enabled peering standardized Bing-accessible smart-home could be if we added more bots to the crypto algorithm. We could seriously increase our FPS and run Crysis on Voodoo without even using RTX.

| I only run my botnets on raspberry pis electrically powered by potatos (so that I can avoid running non-free energy on the cpu) running Arch Linux production-ready servers, whose SSH keys are only known by selected zimbabwean tribespeople.

It's the only ethical way IMO

| >>570329 I'm considering buying a zimbabwean tribesman to use as a 2FA token
They're just so convenient

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This thread is permanently archived