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Whatsapp without botnet?

| As a zoomer, I am mad that my classmates and even teachers wants me to use Whatsapp and Discord (thats right) in order to communicate with them. Discord? I'm using Betterdiscord with Plugin to disable all sorts of telemetry. But what about Whatsapp?

>snead HOSE emil

| I love how you can spot tech illiterates and kids by seeing them call something "botnet"

| how would whatsapp collect data on you if they're using end-to-end encryption

| >>568631 probably by collecting the generated encryption keys from both ends(they belong to Facebook so I wouldn't put it past them)

| Also kek at botnet

| >>568627 OP probably came from 4chan's /g/. They just call everything botnet in there

| You forgot to praise linux, OP. That is why all the replies are so hostile.

| >>568623

| >>568641
/g/ is an absolute shithole and feels more like a consumer electronics board than a technology board. even though, i like when people call out apps and services for being a "botnet". it doesn't mean literal botnet, it's more like bloated, bad for your privacy... the usual RMS/FSF stuff. there's a lot of tech illiterate people on /g/, but they introduced me to the free software movement, GNU/Linux... all the cool stuff.

| >>568623
>teachers wants me to use Whatsapp and Discord
Resist them! You are on the right side. Offer them free alternatives like mumble, xmpp or irc. If it's too hardcore for them, suggest "wire" as a compromise. Else tell them they should get another job paid by WhatsApp (facebook, respectively) or Discord.

Greetings from a public schools principal, who knows and supports the usage of free software and decentral services.

| imagine thinking you can use Discord without being tracked.

| >>568868
telegram is pretty normie friendly too

| >>568868
Ye wire is pretty "normie friendly"
If you want something thats not made in JS, maybe tox?(not as "normie friendly")

| conversations is also "normie friendly" but also respects modularity & decentralization.

Most stuff is only "normie friendly" because it's "market standard"
And a "market standard" rarely became so by technological superiority or even by user friendliness. In practice "market standard" just means nothing but beeing first with marketing and lobbying, having a big budget for it and/or monopolism (which actually even violates the here obviously dysfunctional idea of a "fee market")

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