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Looking for an SMS app thats better than the trash i have preloaded

| I have an SMS Texting app preloaded on my phone (like all phones do). And I somehow still use SMS a lot. I hate how shitty it is.

Any replacements you g/u/rls can give me?

Anything that works will do, customization is a welcome bonus

| Textra is one heck of a good-looking one, if you prefer a more open app then QKSMS is hard to beat.

| *open source. Damn preemptive enter key.

| Silence is what I'm using, even if you don't use the encryption it's got a dark mode and stuff

| I'd just use signal unless you need something else. It's the most widespread and simple encrypted one i think, and even if you don't really need privacy fuck mass surveillance etc...

| >>567663
Signal does SMS? I thought it's just a encryption focused client for a closed xmpp network.

| >>567670 it does do sms, automatically for numbers that aren't associated with signal

| oh, this is actually a helpful thread. looking up good sms app is impossible with the play store search engine. many thank

| anyone here that had a good time with the Google Messages app?

cause i hated my time w it

| >>567868 it was useable, the send messages over data thing they are/were trying is good but it needs to be more widely accepted, lack of dark mode is hard though I think they might have that now

| I cant remember the last time I sent an SMS.
I do receive a fuckload of those from my provider and its associates, but messaging apps that use a fraction of your data to chat for free are everywhere.
Still, thanks for the recommendations, g/u/rls, this is interesting.

| (OP here) been using Textra, and its better than the shit I was using. Ty for the suggests

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This thread is permanently archived