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Who wants to create a game with me?

| I'm a new programmer and all I know now is Python, but I want to actually code things because that helps me remember how to code better. I was thinking about coding the classic medieval rpg but based in Japanese culture. If you would like to help or have any ideas it would be appreciated :)

| Have a game design document?

| Well, let me break it to you this way. If you're a coder, it's up to you to make your game. Or at least the system that represents the core features and lets you create content around it. And when it's done, you can look for people to fill your game with assets and flesh it out overall.

| I know nothing about coding but can I help you create 1? :)

I'm good for art

| >>566944 check out Takes of Maj'eyal to see where you should by ten years from now :) Awesome game btw.

| Willing to help with design, setting, story, workflow, etc.

| Start with simple games. It's more rewarding and you will learn more than by trying a hard task directly.

| Let's go boys. Round 2. Only the coolest of DUDES can participate.

| my dudes we coolin?

| Yeah bro. We all coolDUDES here.

| no, FUCKHAED, we are all g/u/rls.

| I see. You do not know of the one, true God.


| how about we make a horror game in 3d

| Still hasn't answered the first reply.

Guess this one is another bust.

| just make a discord it's much easier to bring people together for labor/ideas that way

| i will make the logo

| >>568274
So there's going to be a 4th server like this? Fuck, I'd join that.

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This thread is permanently archived