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rms talk?

| Have you ever attended a talk by rms? any cool stories? tell us, g/u/rl!

| i was at a rms talk in spanish last summer and it was pretty cool. he told us about some company that makes IoT sex toys that spy its users and he complained too much because the tea water wasn't hot enough. at the end, during question time, a dude told him that he married his wife in the church of emacs. it was pretty fun.

| Rms is a lovable nutcase who is also somehow correct

| Many people made fun of RMS, but reality will hunt them down. I heard some people saying "he became more extreme in the last years". But it's not true. He holds constantly the same position. It's the circumstances that become more extreme. Free software is a great idea and probably the best solution against mass surveillance, proprietary platforms and their filter bubbles and the individual and public dependency on IT-Monopolists.

| while i support the ideology of free software, GPL always seemed a bit extreme in its outlines. LGPL and BSD are good shit tho.

| I want something as simple as bsd that also requires changes to be open source

| >>566834
wdym? BSD being a free software license automatically means it's open-source as well, if that's what you meant.

| >>566831
>while i support the ideology of free software
>LGPL and BSD are good shit tho.
I'm afraid you haven't understood what the point of "free software" is.
Without copyleft it is not free. If you support LGPL and BSD you violate the "ideology" of free software.

| I like copyleft and Open Source
It strokes my narcissism by saying that my progress belong to me but still allows for collaboration to improve my programs

| >>567012 replace 'progress' with 'programs'

| >>566875 bsd only requires you send a copy of the bsd license with it, you can 100% just take a bsd project, change it, call it something else and only distribute binarys with the bsd notice and your good no open source required

| >>566910
how the hell so? i always saw LGPL as nothing more than a less-up-the-ass GPL.
it's still OSI-approved, though. or, well, the newer one is.

| I wish I could follow his teachings.
Having a completely FOSS computer sounds super comfy.

| Who needs licenses when you have a decompiler and a few hours? Freedom doesn't need legislation if you have the right kinda tool and some time to use it

| I think OSS licenses are good in an env where users have no control over proprietary code, but let's be real, figuring out code from a binary is awesome and the first person who makes recompiling integrated into a kernel will have my love forever, if I don't do it first. Just a matter of time

| >>567712
>recompiling integrated into a kernel
what's that? i'm curious

| >>567711 do note this is called reverse engineering and is a thing you are disallowed by the license you need to even use the software legally

| >>567768 Think LLVM, but as a kernel-level code inspection tool with access to all rings and user adjustable security. Bonus points if it can retroactively inspect and modify itself.

| By retroactively, I mean that you can write new parsers, shove them in, and it integrates seamlessly with existing code or bins

| >>567792 what if you reverse engineer the software to remove the EULA? then you never have to agree to the license? technically you're not breaking any rules?

| The EULA isn't the same as the software, it's a document telling you what you're allowed to do with the software.
If the EULA sez 'my OC don't reverse engineer' and you don't read it, you are still not legit if you take the software apart.
Doesn't matter tho if licenses become unenforceable. Reverse-engineering has all the capability of being as common and easy a tool as file browsers. There's just nobody putting the right pieces together. When they do, it's Radical Ed time for me.

| Or if I do. DISCLAIMER: for edumacational purposes only.

| >>567893 I meant removing the part pf the software that asks you tp agree to the EULA

| But that's only there because the EULA requires them to do that, not because not agreeing alleviates you from it.>>567895

| >>567899 damn :/

| Just make it impossible to uphold a rule through a free piece of software, wait for the warez crews to get on the boat, wait for the rule to stop being cared about, and profit.

| :(

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