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| Does anyone else not understand these programs or am i just dumb??

| What programs

| >>566282 Yes

| >>566282
Are you talking about R?
Or about stata©®?
Of SPSS©® (pspp, respectively)?

| >>566413 the calculator program allows you to do mathematics much faster with the help of a computer

| >>566432 >>566399 SPSS mostly, been studying it for a year and still have 0 idea to what im doing

| >>566467
This is bad. But at least you're honest about it. There are many people who have no idea what they're doing, but they are still paid well for it and act like they know everything.
Plus: Because spss is proprietary no one can independently say how this software really works. This is really bad for serious scientific research, because the results are based on a magical blackbox.

| >>566489 it's possible it is validated by another group/company.

>>566436 Beep!


| >>566517
Companies validating companies is not really an independent validation. It lacks of transparency, public accessibility and comprehensibility, which is necessary for scientific work.
As long the source code is not public accessible, it's not suited for scientific work/research.

| >>566822 sorry to tell you this, but the vast majority of industry and science is done with proprietary software like that. Mostly because they need somewhere to spend money, but also because they can get accredited software. Open Source, while a good thing for transparency, lacks the certainty these companies and agencies need to be sure they are getting qualified results. I'm not against open source, just explaining the way they see it. They want to CYA, not look through code.

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This thread is permanently archived