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Reasons to hate systemd

| What are your reasons to genuinely hate systemd?

| Don't genuinely hate it but it's trying to do too many things at once

| >>565578
Can you elaborate?

| I'm a fan of modular, small-footprint design. systemd is a massive project that tries to be a journaling tool, and a DNS helper, and an init script, and a service overhead, and plenty more all at once. If systemd goes down, so does the rest of my computer, and that's just overkill

| >>565618 that's a good reason to hate systemd it goes completely against the Unix philosophy

| I don't hate it either, but I just prefer not to use it. The foothold it has in many distros is just disconcerting, and unless you use like Gentoo/Void or use a fork (which most people don't in the case of either of those), other init systems really aren't supported. And systemd cannot be the only option.

| Using systemd as everyone else means belonging to the cool kids club. It's way better to hate it cluelessly and use a meme distro with no real use case but posting screenshots about its desktop on reddit and 4chan

| >>565549 soooo, what is it?

| machined is a reason to love it. nspawn is literally just chroot but dead simple to setup and easy to use.
you can unironically fetch gentoo's stage3, unzip it somewhere (e.g. /gentoo) and just run systemd-nspawn in its root directory. voila, you have a functioning container with no hassle. how fuckin' cool is that?

| >>565595 no, he's busy doing other things.

| Hose bump mad bum0

| >>565704 >distro
>use case
Imo if you spend any amount of time tinkering with Linux and find yourself enjoying it, you will see that distros "designated use case" rarely matters. What does matter though is the way you make it work, for yourself specifically. Does a guy who goes hiking a Montana need that kitted out vz58? Not really. But he damn sure enjoys it. Because it's a hobby.

| It's kinda bloated, lacks of modularity and a file-based interface. This means it creates dependencies so that it becomes hard to migrate systemd based distro to a non systemd based ones and develop alternatives.
This doesn't mean I hate it. I actually use and like it, because it's very convenient. But convenience often comes for a price that could make things very inconvenient on the long term.
What you describe is nothing but a meme itself and sceptizism is reasonable.

| >>565705 I hate it because I don't understand what it is and I'M ANGRY

| >>566412 I get this is a jab at systemd sceptics/haters, but I don't see a problem with people being angry because they cant understand systemd and so much stuff depends on it. Thank god you still have choices. At the same time, I find the fact that people commited to keeping their headspace clear of the systemd hassle have to retreat into ponyfag infested corners of the community spooky.

| systemd hasn't made any problems for me yet, so I don't really have a reason to hate it.

| I wonder if it would be possible to fork systemd into a bunch of smaller projects

| >>566450 no, I really just have no idea what y'all talking about hahaha

| Because it's bloat.

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