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Could someone assist me in identifying a font? :3

| http://i.imgur.com/A6spiZZ.png

I have pretty much been attempting to identify this font for the past half hour, with no avail. The "font identifiers" keep suggesting to me typefaces which do not possess the correct glyphs compared to this image. Which is why I turn to you, g/u/rls. In this time of needlessly obsessing over fonts, your help would be invaluable. <3

| Can't help you from my phone. Can't even see what's written. You could try looking at places like google fonts. Might not be a system font. Or might be a font from other OS.

| Seems like blur new roman or arial blur
Maybe helblurtica or comic blurs

| At the PC now. What you have there is a web font. Most likely not a System Font for Windows because I'm too lazy to check. The closest I have is Terminus at 8p, but the i are different.

I would check on Google Fonts.

And no. There is a big difference between Arial/Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Comic Sans. A/H are sans serif, TNR is serif, and CS is a script font.

| >>564977 it was a joke because the imahe was too blurry for me to see the text...

| https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Ubuntu+Mono

The regular italic version of that fonts looks almost identical. Sadly, your image uses regular, not italic. On regular, the a has a horn, while in italic, it doesn't.

| If that image were a webpage and not a program, you could just check the CSS.


If your font has to be the exact one, can't do more than that right now, I have to go to web design soon. If you are okay with something similar, then use that one.

>allan gets fatal

| Oh. Silly me. At the bottom right corner it says the OS is linux.

Check the system fonts for linux.

| what the actual fuck? since when were any of the listed fonts bitmaps, save for arial and tnr? and even those were just there for a meme.
piss off. 8px does not have a bold variant which should've been obvious from the get-go.
that being said, bitmap fonts are a non-unique, growing market. you can browse through the bitmap-fonts repository on github to find the font in question. at a glance, my best guess would be... i dunno, tewi?

| OP here. Thank you all so much for your help. Particularly to >>14db80. I found it within two minutes of searching the repo, as per your suggestion.

For anyone who was curious, the font is envypn.

| >>565127 Just said it was the closest from what I had, at least at a simple glance, not that it was the font.

| >>565155
terminus is still a fairly piss-poor attempt. envypn gives off vibes that are more akin to something like a downscaled misc-fixed rather than a vectoresque style as used by terminus.

| >>14db80
and a nip nop ching chong to you too young lady.

| >>565408
outstanding response, actually giggled

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