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Wanted to share some cool things

| https://github.com/leecher1337/ntvdmx64/blob/master/readme.txt

Someone patched windows 16 bit support to work on x64, even though v86 doesn't work in x64 long mode


And here someone appears to be using some of the code from wine to run 16 bit programs on x64 windows

I know it's windows related but the first involves leaked windows source and the second wine so I figured they would be ok

| For those who don't know, x64 CPUs have a compatibility mode which allows them to Nativity run 32 bit code and while in that mode they can switch down to v86 for 16 bit, meaning you can run dos on your current CPU, but it can not switch to 16 bit if x64 long mode is enabled, so if you're running 32bit windows m$ has a tool you can use to run some 16 bit programs

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This thread is permanently archived