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Gentoo or Void?

| If you, hypothetically speaking, got a Thinkpad x200, and didn't want Arch, would you go Gentoo or Void, or something else?

| parabola

| Void. Gentoo's a bit more taxing and a bigger waste of time than you probably think, and Void has a more simpler Arch-like environment with the addition of the fact that things simply work. give it a try if you like more faster, bleeding-edge distributions.

| Slackware or Debian to be honest, there are ways to get minimal Debian installs. If you do, I recommend going with buster and setting the flag in the installer to install sysv-init or runit or something if you don't want systemd. That or go with Devuan. I run Devuan on my X200t and it's just fine, provided you've got decent hardware in it.

| >>3ef6d0 Based debian poster.
If you are picky about SystemD you can go with Devuan

| >picky
systemd factually does not belong on any distro that hacks together it and sysv. almost always results in garbage. on the other hand, environments built around systemd and its services masterfully pull it off and make it a lot more bearable; Fedora + GNOME is a great example.

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This thread is permanently archived