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Question about VPN

| Are there any that lets me enable it to a specific program instead of the whole system? the reason for that is that discord and steam seems to go crazy whenever i do that. I just want to use a VPN for Hexchat since my ISP has issues with IRC connections and the only recommendation i got from ISP's support is to use a VPN.
Could anyone shill me a few VPN service with that feature i described above?

| OpenVPN with servers around the world. Addresses are on VPNGate

| I actually had a very similar problem recently too. But sadly mine revolved less around personal use, so I resolved it by just buying a batch of 10 private proxies.

I had only tried ExpressVPN, which didn't seem to have the feature you were looking for. But I could just been a big dumbo and it was there the entire time.

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This thread is permanently archived