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Can I connect a her while pc is on?

| So my laptop is garbage and won't let me enter the BIOS. It will boot from the USB only if it can't do it from the hard drive. Is it safe to boot from USB and then connect the hard drive?

| *connect HDD, not her

| Depends on the interface. In case of a SATA interface with AHCI enabled it will support hot-swap. It's totally safe to connect the drive then. Disconnecting without proper unmounting the drive may cause data loss/corruption.

| >>563961 It is SATA, but I don't know if it has AHCI enabled

| That moment when you want to be a hacker but fail at acessing the bios.

| >>563929
Sata hotplug is a thing, but it might not be enabled on a laptop.
It should be safe regardless

| >>564212 worst it will do is blue screen... I've never gotten this to work right. I recommend getting an external USB enclosure for cheap on Newegg etc. The only problem I've had with that is if it's USB powered, it won't have enough power to run 3.5" drives, just 2.5" laptop kind.

Also, why no bios? What about boot menu?

| >>564430 i can't enter boot menu neither. Looks like in the last version of my laptop's BIOS they locked the access to both menus.

| >>564599 have you tried smashing it with a hammer? I find that sometimes helps in cases like this lol...

| >>564599 if it's actually locked removing a the battery of the BIOS' memory will reset it and unlocl it, just remember to put the battery back afterwards

| >>564612
It doesn't work on some models, especially thinkpads. Their BIOS has a good protection. You can make a device totally unusable by locking it. Then the only way is to replace the bios and/or the chip that stores the password.

| >>564695 see my previous post>>564604

I'm not sure OP is locked out by password, but that she can't access it at all, like they completely disabled access to it.

>>564599 what kind of comp. is it? Have you tried using a USB keyboard to be sure the F# key isn't actually one of those dual-function where you have to hold down Fn key to use it?

Many comp. have a way to push bios update from Windows also, do they have a newer bios version that unblocks it?

| Finally I could enter to the BIOS. I had to restart from Windows while pressing the shift key to enter recovery mode. From there you can go to UEFI. But for some reason it had a password (?) to reset it, I bridged two tiny connections on the motherboard, wich took me 15 fucking minutes. Even if I change the boot order in the BIOS it won't boot from the USB. To do that I have to do it in the Windows recovery menu. BUT to do it I also had to disable secure boot.

| >(2)
And to disable secure boot I had to press the power button for 2 fucking minutes. So everytime I want to boot from a USB I have to go to the Windows recovery mode. Acer fuck you

| >>6c8eac is your notebook an aspire vx15?
If yes I'll have to bookmark this thread and make sure that I don't lose the link

| >>565012 that's intense... no Acer for me kthanksbye.

>>565028 either that or throw it out now and save yourself the hassle...

| >>565043 not throwing it away until I can build my gaming rig
Or get another notebook thay can run my games on steam

| >>565028 Acer aspire V5-571g. What piece of shit

| >>565049 I warned you haha, one day, not too long from now, you will wish you had listened to meeeee.

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