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Web devs are weird

| They focus so much on DRY and KISS that they sometimes deliberately make inefficient code that will execute unnecessary operations just to "reduce complexity"
I find it so weird, it's good to have simple code and avoid too much repetition but I feel that letting performance suffer just to make sure the code "looks clean" is too much

| The web is bloated as fuck nowadays, but you know whats worse? Devs using kiss on videogames. Kiss is designed to make a task waste as little time as possible, games are to immerse you for a long time, and not limit you.

| Dry and kiss are definitely rules of thumb and the sign of a experienced developer is knowing when to break the rules in the correct ways

| The problem with web dev was always the fact that it's extremely straightforward so it's easy to get started with. Now with companies hiring basically everyone, younger web devs look for ways to cut corners everywhere, and the result is often pretty messy. I haven't seen this happen as much in personal projects/webpages, though. Says a lot about the field.

| There can be dozens of people working on a web project, and they're often shuffled around for corporate reasons. Reducing complexity means people won't have to keep starting over from scratch / spend months trying to learn what the previous guy did.

Not that I think any of that's a good thing, mind you.

| >>562995
yep. the web is really bloated, i don't know how they messed it up so badly. i feel absolutely ZERO respect for most webdevs, and i fucking hate when they talk about KISS principles. i'm curtently reading the design of the unix operating system and it's fucking beautiful, and now i feel horrified when i see a bunch of tech illiterate brogrammers appropriating these terms.

| >>563252 worst part is not that they're tech illiterate it is that they chose to be so, try to show them something different and they just say "I don't need to know this, I make sites"

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