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Thought on Pop! Os?

| I never heard of this distro until today, all I know is that it's a Ubuntu fork with encryption on by default and no telemetry according to the company, GNOME is the default DE and it's developed by a Hardware Company and the OS has their own store. I would say that it's slighty less resource demanding than Ubuntu but im not sure about bloat. Thoughts?

>jihad swab banns

| Really nice for laptops with Optimus since it's got all those tools pre installed, i think it's good they keep all the gaming related stuff easy to use (an iso with Nvidia pre installed, the repo with drivers enabled by default et cetera)

| I'd recommend to stay away from Ubuntu if you want a light / minimal distro

| >>561376
decent Just Works(tm) distro if you don't mind Ubuntu-based

| I laugh as I think about it, but if you want the true minimalist experience, then Alpine is the distro for you (I use it for containers n such)

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This thread is permanently archived