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Need new suggestions about phones

| Alright i'll keep this short,I need a new phone.I am currently using a Galaxy J2.I was thinking buying a MI A2.Do you guys have any suggestions?

| Take a look at Mi A2 Lite. weaker processor (SD625 vs SD660) but has a headphone jack and bigger battery if that's what you care for.

| Or go for Redmi Note 7

| I have a samsung J3, its not fancy in the slightest, but it does what I want it to. I've never had a problem with it being slow or anything, even with the bigger 3d appstore games. Plus its on the cheaper end, has a headphone jack, and is fairly sturdy. My only gripe is that the speaker is kinda low quality, though I usually use headphones anyway.

| oh yeah and the j3 battery will last like 6 days if I use the phone sparringly. Otherwise its like a charge ever 2 nights kinda thing.

| currently using a oneplus 5t flashed with lineageos+microg; absolutely loving it.

| Oneplus 6, very few bloat, a lot of quality life features, you should take a look

| I recently got myself Samsung galxy A40. If you want something more compact than all the phablets give it a look.

| >>561066 lol I tried flashing my 5t and in my bumbling incompetence I just removed all trace of the os ;_; . Like, I *could* fix it, but I just don't want to deal with it lol

| Fairphone 2
+ sustainable
+ freedom
- expensive
Librem 5 (by purism)
+ privacy
+ freedom
- expensive
+ same hardware for lower price than many other brands
- need to be flashed
Windows phones
- do they even still exist?
iphone (by apple)
- massively overpriced
- lock-in effect
- ios only
- shitty to repair
- overpriced
- sbould be flashed
- hard to flash
- lots shitty models
samsung, google, etc.
- overpriced
- should be flashed
- lots shitty models

| >>561759
So if I'm getting this right, most phones are expensive. Thanks for the insight.

>Lots of shitty models
They run an Apple-esque business model (one lineup per year), the hell are you talking about? They're expensive but they have like two phones per year.

| >>561017 what is your budget?

| >>561834 I second the comments about Google, pixels run stock Android no bloat as long as you don't hate g apps there's nothing wrong with the os, also pixel 3a for the mid tier

| >>561017
might want to wait for Mi A3, it's rumored to have OLED display and under display fingerprint scanner
or you could get Mi 8 if you don't mind MIUI
OnePlus is also an option

| >>561680
flash twrp via adb then flash lineageos from twrp

| Look at the mid-range market mostly, OP. They aint Flagships, but they do pack what generally is needed.

Like the Pocophone F1, its relatively cheap for its good specs.

| >>adf113 i see zenfone max m2 is a solid choice for me

| >>561966
I have to interject. You flash TWRP through Fastboot, not ADB. ADB never does the flashing. You also need to unlock bootloader first, and this wipes your entire internal storage.

Sorry for the correction but I don't want a g/u/rl to be misled.

| >>561834
No, good phones are expensive and many are overpriced. I accept paying more for privacy, sustainability and fair production standards. I don't accept paying more for an artificially hyped livestyle and brand cult with hordes of marketing strategists and lawyers to fool customers and who live on the back of the people who do the actual work.
You're right about google, but i didn't had enough characters left to put it in a own section.

| Reidmi note 7 or a MI 8, or you can get a moto z 3 play or moto z2 force. You decide

| Or just wait for librem, since most of the phones now suck with privacy stuff

| So, huawei, am i right?

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