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Don't give your libs the name of a BL shipping

| You'll get unsuspecting devs in trouble for googling it by name on the company's network... :(

| OK I won't.

| >>560805
don't worry anon, i will name my library after my fav yuri couple

| >>560805 go onnnnn...

| >>560805
What ship did you use?

| >>561232 I'm the one that got in trouble for the lib's name
It is named Sinja, google it and you get a lot of stuff of Sinbad and Jafar from magi...
I curse both the person who created the lib and the idiot who decided to use it, because the repo has been abandoned for 2 years now...

| Boku x Pico

| That's an amazing idea op! Gotta find something good for my next project!

| Op I love you

| >>560805 OP what's a libs?

| >>561928 software library

| LibHorseCock when

| Fuckinnnnng LOVE2D lib names are a thing of beauty though.

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This thread is permanently archived