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Windows is including Linux kernel

| What does /tech/ think about it?

| the terminal seems neat but somewhat hacky in how it displays. the kernel idea itself is *okay*, but using a VM is still probably more preferable rather than relying on a feature that was only released recently. ask again in about half a year, i guess.

| Windows NT was a weak copycat of unix anyways. I hope Microsoft once will give something back to (f)oss community and respect free and open standards. But I'm very suspicious. Maybe they're just trying to embrace, extend and exterminate linux.

| TBH they should just replace the nt kernel with Linux, would fix so many problems

| >>560286 they can't do it because of GPL

| >>560345
How do you proof if proprietary isn't based on GPL licenced code? Maybe (for sure) microsoft already uses GPL code in their proprietary blobware, but no one has access to the source because it's proprietary.
Microsoft (like other monopolistic IT companies) never were tech companies in the first place. They are primarily well organized hordes of lawyers and marketing assholes. They'll once find a way to break the GPL officially under applause of dumb consumer masses.

| It's cool, I hope windows becomes more Linux and less windows, maybe that'd push game companies to make a linux version right off the bat someday

| Somebody else told me about this the other day like it was news, but you could install Linux on Win10 for months now, right? What's the diff? Officially released now?

| >>560531 before it had some terrible emulation thingy that made read/write from/to disk extremely slow
Now it'll be a real linux kernel running inside of Windows what will increase performance absurdly

| Anyone know the specifics of it? Like is it out yet or anything I cant find much online about it and wanna try it.

| Standard EEE in action nothing to see here

| parasite (plural parasites)

An organism that lives on or in another organism, deriving benefit from living on or in that other organism, while not contributing towards that other organism sufficiently to cover the cost to that other organism.

| >>560717 you can install wsl but it might be the old one, wait for the next big windows update I guess, hopefully it won't delete your documents folder like the last one :p

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This thread is permanently archived