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Let's DOS!

| C:\>dir

| The following file is missing or corrupt: COMMAND.COM. Type the name of the Command Interpreter.

| this summer i'm planning to write a shitty game with turbo c in dosbox. any tips?

| C:\>irb
I hereby declare this thread hijacked by ruby programmers

| >>559535
write in c
when i find my code in tons of trouble,
friends and colleagues come to me,
speaking words of wisdom:
"write in c."

as the deadline fast approaches,
and bugs are all that i can see,
somewhere, someone whispers:
"write in c."

if you've just spent nearly 30 hours
debugging some assembly,
soon you will be glad to
write in c.

write in c, write in c,
write in c, yeah, write in c.
only wimps use ruby.
write in c.

| >>559553 I know C, but all job openings in C ask for five million trillion years of experience and I'm fresh outta college
I had to choose between ruby, python and Java and Java feels like selling my soul to a cult, all my former classmates who went to the Java path keep shunning other languages and accept no criticism to their holy language of gods and saying it is perfect, all purpose and high performing
I could have gone to python, though.
Dunno why I didn't pick it

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This thread is permanently archived