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Dead board

| There are no other posts at the time of posting

| yeah

| then make some, you dumb-dumb

oh wait

| Glad it's fucking dead. There's only Linux shills here.

| >>559491

I guess this is a cheap bait but both you and those "linux shills" are the reason this board is dead.

If you want to get into retarded fights and create bait threads and comments instead of discussing about technology go to 4chan or something, which is the designated place for echo chambers and people desperate for attention. The Internet would be a wonderful place if the US were isolated...

| >>559491 amen

| >>559491 g/u/rl, to work in technology you have to unwillingly become either an Apple hipster or a Linux shill and most Linux shills are rude because they dream on becoming the next Linus Torvalds, dude was the rudest of the lot, until he was almost kicked out and had to change

| >>559533
yeah, but it caused change for the better in that the harsh critique made people doubt their additions and therefore made them better - or at least *tried* to - as a result. this doesn't apply only to Torvalds, since even people such as Theo de Raadt keep the rude game alive, with the result being OpenBSD; a distribution of high quality and security thanks to the standards set by Theo et al.

| >>559546 I agree

| >>559491
Not true. There is also openSolaris, FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, etc.

| Also: prefering quality over quantity is not equal to beeing dead. Just look at fakebook and shitter: there is pretty much activity but still they're dead. It's hopefully the destiny of all low quality, mass oriented "easy to use" and "free" (as in free beer) platforms.

| The 6 posts above this one prove why this board is dead

| >>559618 what, 'amen' is the reason?

| >>559618 even the people who claim to be against toxic behavior and arguing at doing just that, it's a sight to see I suppose

| >>559718
too high
can't come down
losin' my head
spinnin' 'round and 'round
do you feel me now?
the taste of your lips
i'm on a ride
you're toxic i'm slippin' under
with a taste of a poison paradise
i'm addicted to you
don't you know that you're toxic?
and i love what you do
don't you know that you're toxic?

| >>559622
The reason is that people like >>998167 are either too thin skinned to face criticism or to dumb to understand it.

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