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Anyone else interested in CRTs

| They're a neat technology and it's a shame that you can't buy new ones. I like them a lot. Not just for retro gaming, either. I like the aesthetic and the ability to multi-sync.

| they're certainly great and have some of the better colors i've seen, not to mention the over-resolution scaling, but their general clunkiness, weight and age put them where they are now. also sth about it spreading cancer but on a really small scale or whatever.

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| I think crts are great too. You haven't mentioned their great viewing angles.

| They are better than tfts at least, had a bad time with those with colors all washed out at an angle. I don't think that I will get one of those soon though. They are still bulky, I don't have much space. And it's just there aren't any good even on used market.

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This thread is permanently archived