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Valve index

| Shit sold out in 15 mins, its a fucking 1000$ headset.


| Valve index isnt sold out so fast for nothing. It's the vr headset a lot of us were waiting, it's litteraly next gen vr headset. I personally was waiting for its finger tracking controllers for a long time. They did a great job

| I'm over here hoping it makes older headsets drop so I can afford VR

| Does this mean we're reay getting a true PortalVR experience? Or are we just getting baited into dropping even more money just to enjoy a couple new games that use this set?

| >>557213 half life VR, and if there's a Portal game it won't involve a lot of portals unless valve wants to corner the market with the index barf bag attachment

| >>557217 they could make a portal game with fall damage and speed impact damage and only solutions that don't involve you being lauched at high speeds
Would be less fun, but would prevent barfing

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This thread is permanently archived