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Favorite computer brand and why

| When it comes to pre-built computers I usually prefer alien wear for its general speed. But what do you g/u/rls use or like?

| Does laptop count or is it limited to prebuilt? The only prebuilt I know well is the OptiPlex. I had it once for a cheap HTPC/FTP setup.

| >>557088 laptops are fine yeah.

| For laptops I'll have to give it to old ThinkPads or the older VAIO laptops. ThinkPad has superior upgrade capacity and the VAIO is for nostalgia.

If it has to be a newer laptop, I don't know, maybe the Razer Blade or the Microsoft Surface. I don't like bulky laptops. If I want power I'd get a PC, not a laptop.

| >>557093
why not the newer ThinkPads as well? some of them may not be entirely thin, but if form-over-function is what you need, the X1 Carbon does the job just fine.
i agree with the older laptops, though. those + the Dell Latitudes are great shit.

| >>557086 Alienwares because they have the best durability out of all gaming laptops. They really did pull it off on their recent models. I'd say razer is also another good brand since their accessories and laptops are really sleek.

| The only pre-built computer I've used is an old Acer Aspire laptop. It's pretty baaad.

>using snake sense

| Honestly I don't like any brands they all suck, cost too much or have low standards in my experience

| I had good experiences with Dell so far. Nevertheless I prefer to have a custom setup.

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You've got me thinking about custom-built laptops now. :thonk:

| My only pre-built is a Thinkpad T420 which would be Lenovo. I like it. For the tasks I got it for, which were mainly IRC, browsing 4chan, and programming, it served me really well. It's enough to play the older and/or less intensive games I like, and it's acceptable for watching anime too. I'm building a very powerful PC soon but I've definitely enjoyed my T420.

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If our political-economical institutions would work as they ideally should, laptops would be better standardized and modularized, so that custom setups would be possible. But in our sad state of reality every brand that produces laptops, has unfortunately it's own standards, so that laptop parts are mostly incompatible, even if they share some basic standards. Even inbetween the same device class, the incompatible mechanical form factors are the fun killer.

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