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I don't want to live in this planet anymore

| https://micro-frontends.org
Why? What makes a human being create such a twisted thing?

| You could say the same with Javascript and the web technologies in general.

| What the fuck did I just read. Is this because of capitalism again?

| >>556595 no it's because someone saw a billion Javascript frameworks and thought why not use multiple at the same time, on the same project on the same screen?
And this was born, the next monster after microservices

| Huh. That's not too bad. This is actually a prettty decent band-aid for the festering wound of web development.

But realising that web development is this bad made me want to hurl myself into space too.

| Tl;dr: CMIIW, this is just a style guide to team-based wev dev where, instead of splitting development between frontend and backed, it splits according to features of the app. Each team works on one feature from the front to the back and only integrates at the final document.

This might mean using and reusing a ton of JS frameworks... if each team are dumbasses, but the method can be used for lighter web apps too.

| If I browse on my devices JavaShit is blocked by default and I have to allow it one by one. But I don't think it's bad per se. If properly implemented WebApps can be a good addition to normal Programs, as long they aren't part of an exlusive platform that forces you to use it. For example I have a roundcube instance running on my mailserver. I prefer using a real mail client, but in emergency cases I have an alternative. Same is for my nextcloud and xmpp server.

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This thread is permanently archived