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Anyone ricing their desktops?

| I might install XFCE later and start ricing

| XFCE here. Doing minimalism because keyboard shortcuts (and because I miss i3).


| i got around to trying out OpenBSD for the first time about a few weeks back, contained in a nice little VM. started using a fairly basic icewm setup since then, and it's been great shit so far. definitely might install on a spare machine if i ever get the chance.
as for the rice, it's a fairly simple edit of Xresources and icewm itself: http://0x0.st/zcXc.png

| >>556472
IceWM always reminded me of JWM. Had that for years in my backup ThinkPad.

| >>556487
it's a great fuckin' WM. still using it on a fairly old Toshiba alongside a Void install - shit just works and it works well. the only DE/WM that comes close, imo, would be Xfce despite a bit of the bloat that it comes with.

| I spent an hour trying to rice gnome. Bully me i deserve it

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Not gonna but if you're ricing Gnome then you maxy as well just do KDE.

| **may
Thanks keyboard

| That's ricist

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OwO who's that?

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I HAVE NO CLUE! it's been pissing me off for a while now, too. i fetched the original image from a /g/ thinkpad general and then never saw it again. it's quite a shame.

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The original picture is in Wikipedia. The one in /g/ is edited AFAIK.

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the more you know. any idea on what image in particular or?

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Instead of waiting for one of those unfortunately still rare /tech/ g/u/rls coming along for you, you should do it the unix/floss way and create your own. My ex-gf was a windows user before I converted her. Now she is a GNU g/u/rl and uses arch with kde. We broke up, but her enthusiasm for FLOSS remained. This is how to make the world a better place. Try contributing to it instead only relying on others. This is what FLOSS is about.

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I'm a dumb. It's the other way around. The image in Wikimedia (not Wikipedia!) is the edited one. Pictured is Veronica Belmont.

Here's the original image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/earlysound/103503963

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you're a goddamn hero. thank you, anon.

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