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Website builder?

| Hey guys, i want to make a simple site that would look like that lain fan site. I'm very new to site building so i wanted to ask for tools and maybe a good guide. Thx

| And btw i need to export the files after i finish so things like wix probably arent a good option

| "that lain fan site" could you link it?

| going with the safe assumption that you're referring to fauux's wired sound site. from a quick glance, it seems basic enough to do without any ""builder"" - which, by the way, you should completely avoid.
learning html is a slow process and one that you should do through experimentation and inspection of other simple sites so as to get an idea of what's going on. w3c and w3schools both have loads of info on the topic of html and css, so try going through their sites. figure it out.

| This is a huge dumbass suggestion that will cause me to be shamed by all of /tech/ but if you REALLY don't want to learn HTML:

Microsoft Word (and presumably other similar word processors) can export to web page.

There's also stuff like Dreamweaver and BlueGriffon, but if you're willing to learn how to use them you might as well learn HTML.

| For real though, basic HTML/CSS is easy. You can learn to make simple sites in a day. See https://www.w3schools.com.

(And you probably need years of experience to make good complicated websites, but you don't need that do you?)

| It's not difficult to write a simple page, getting anything that involves js or more complicated tags might be a pain though, I've looked at a few builders and they all seem more complicated than just stackoverflow/w3c > cobble something together

Is there a builder as easy to make a ui as in visual studio?

| If you're looking for the easiest option, just build a free one with Jimdo. I'd reccomend learning HTML/CSS like everyone else, but I first learned with a builder. If you get to the point where you feel comfy editing HTML/CSS, check out html5up.net for downloadable site templates. For domain names, Porkbun is pretty easy. You can frame the site, so you don't have to buy Jimdo Premium.

| [2/2] For hosting a static site, you could play around with Amazon S3 and Route 53 on the free plan. There's lots of S3 hosting tutorials out there. Also, neocities might be right up your alley. Good luck g/u/rl!

Captcha: urban beast hubs

| I understood you guys. Yes, i was referring to fauxx's wired site. Are you sure it wont take much time to learn html and make something like this manually? And is it worth it? What's the weak point about builders?

| >>556423
>Are you sure it wont take much time to learn html and make something like this manually?
as long as you don't mind wasting a bit of time, sure. i hope it goes without saying that you can't really *learn* anything without sinking at least a few days into it, especially when it comes to programming.
>is it worth it?
if you plan on working on more sites in the future, definitely.
>What's the weak point about builders?
occasionally restrictive in comparison to manual work.

| My experience with html/css/js boils down to one simple page a year and markdown for everything else, I recommend using markdown and GitHub's css

| What you need is a framework

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