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Thinkpad X201 or Thinkpad Helix?

| Needed something with a touch screen (I sign a lot of shit). The X201 in question has been upgraded to have 8gb of ram and a 128gb SSD, uses i7-L640. The Helix is the i5-3427U.

I don't really do any processor intensive stuff. Also the keyboard on the X201 is probably way better

| I always sign with the mousepad below the keyboard. And I always give institutions that need a signature the hint that standardized digital signing (e.g. pgp or s/mime) would be much safer, even thought most of them ignore it, and the few that react to it fail to understand it at all.
The good news is that at least the support for s/mime is increasing (I always would prefer pgp)

| >>550960
I'm honestly surprised that they understand how computers work. There are just some people that have a stick up their ass and just so happen to be standing above me

| Th0nkPad x200 for the libreboot and stallman feels

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This thread is permanently archived