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Yo! Qutebrowser is sick!

| Anyone else using it? My productivity will probably see at least a 5% increase no that I dont need a mouse!!!!

| >some basic-ass Blink-based piece of Qt garbage that only gets clout because "DUDE VIM KEYBINDS AND KEYBOARD-ONLY AND SHIT LMAO"
install ungoogled chromium and the vimium extension. you'll thank me later.

| I will be trying Surf out instead.

| "ungoogled"

| Does it need a doctor?

| >>550988
Qt is superior to gtk and most other custom GUI engines.
Nevertheless I'd suggest using falcon browser (formerly qupzilla). It'so free (as in freedom), belongs to the kde project and uses khtml (which apple stole for their "safari")

| >>551412 Falkon actually uses QtWebEngine (basically Chrome/Blink wrapped by Qt)

It's a great browser but I would only use it if it was a fork of gecko or something, we shouldn't rely on only one web renderer for the web.

Also, please remember that forking free software is not stealing. Open source is not a matter of hating companies for attention.

| >>551412
>Qt is superior to GTK
i can understand it being superior in the sense of being easier to work with, but certainly not as a client-side piece of software; i've always had more ease of use with GTK-based software, and package splitting has *always* been smaller in its case unless you come with a Qt-based DE a la KDE.
meh. doesn't really bring anything new to the table aside from a Qt/Blink garbo-combo, as the anon above pointed out.

| I just installed it, it feels comfy to use with a keyboard but it takes time to learn the keys.

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This thread is permanently archived