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How can I learn programming?

| Hey g/u/rls I really need some help to keep myself motivated to actually learn python. It seems everytime I try to, I just seem to get frustrated with having no structure and I don't know ow what to do and eventually stop because of it. I'm trying to learn Django now, but my only fear is I'll try a project, get stuck and frustrated, and quit. What's either a book, or video series, or something that'll keep me on a type of track that may help me?

| Program a small easy game or fun tool. Start with the usual number guesser, then a random sentence generator, then a simple text game, etc... You don't have to learn the language, only to be interested and to try to improve.

| Start with a mid-low level language(like C), you'll have an easier time learning other languages afterwards
At least it's what my professor told me when I was still in college

| >>549077
C trains you good in OOP, but a good chunk of modern language features are missing in C (polymorphism being one of them). C++ (or hell, Java) is better if you want to start with C derivative, but there's nothing wrong if you want to waddle through C.

There's no 'incorrect' way to start after all.

| >>549077 Starting with higher level languages allows for a progressive and clear understanding, while you can easily get confused by a language such as C.
A language like Python allows to first learn algorithmics, then to go little by little into optimisations or things like that, which will lead to a lower-level understanding.
And you can read other's code, which is way more difficult with C.

| Start with C, then cepples, and finally Python. That's all you'l ever need.



| I don't think there is anything wrong with failing a project. I think the best way to keep your motivation to do programming is to have a goal and a project is perfect for that. Even if it fails and nothing useful comes of it, you still learned a lot of fucking coding. And one day you will have a project that wont fail.

| >>549599 I did this but I hit my goal and now I don't know what to do

| Set a higher goal, and do it all over again. You get to take on even cooler projects everytime!

| >>549881 try some code games, like code golf or code poetry
It's not directly useful professionally but you learn to look at programming from different perspectives, what is one of the most desirable skills IMO

| >>549920 PS. Bonus points if your code poem actually is a functioning program

| Learn C
Learn pointers
Learn data structures
Learn how to make efficient programs (basically dont make retarded loops/ifs)
Learn OOP with another language
Learn the dumb shit they throw at devs during hiring interviews (fizz buzz, 8 queens)

Do that and you can get a job

| >>550148
>not learning memory management
>learn C
At that point you might as well just learn Java.

| 550186
>memory management
what did she mean by this?
are you talking about brk, mmap and the usual functions? these aren't that hard, you shouldn't be so smug about it. it looks like you are trying to hard to sound like a L33T programmer g/u/rl. chill.

| Real programmers code in brainfuck amd malbolge

| >>550186 How the fuck did you learn pointers and data struct without learning memory management? Ever heard of malloc and calloc faggot? Or do you even know what an "int" is?

| >>eb2efa Linus, is that you?

| >>550308
His "retroactive abortion" email is the

| >>550318
best* wtf happened

| >>550306 I'm gonna int this dick up your ass if you don't calm down

| >>550306
wtf i still don't know what are you talking about. malloc and calloc are really easy to use. also, it seems that you forgot mentioning free lol. you're gonna end up with some pretty bad memory leaks there haha. i mean, the libc implementation of malloc and the algorithms it uses to allocate dynamic memory are bit more complicated, but i don't see how learning that could be useful for just a plain programmer.

| >>550306 Not that g/u/rl but I learned structs and pointers before memory management from golang

| >>550306
You will be surprised to know people do learn pointers and structs without fully grasping memory management. And chill, g/u/rl, I didn't offend your entire lineage.

Not being smug. Maybe a little bit, but not my intent totally. What I'm saying is that newcomers should totally learn memory management as that is often where I see them fail at C. Pointers too, but memory management is another.

| Do cs50
Fantastic course with a great community and it's all freeee

| >>550148 are pointer necessary?

| >>550781
In C? Very much. You can't do efficient programming without knowledge of pointers if you're using C.

| >>550781 pointers are pure awesomeness and allow you to crazy stuff that's illegal in other programming languages

| >>549071 Programming stuff means automating boring or tedious tasks. Find a thing you don't want to do manually, divide it into steps and solve each of those steps separately.

I made a little script to check the lottery results and automatically compute our winnings. I still run it manually (annoying), so I'm extending it to run automatically on set days and e-mail me when I win.

The language doesn't matter: study how it works and learn the libraries/tools you need instead.

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