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Getting a solid laptop in 2019?

| Got any tips? Mostly gonna be used for web dev and light 2d game dev. Budget is kinda tight though, not sure on exact numbers so far but probably no more than $800.

| Go even less and get a chromebook. If you're looking to game on a laptop, don't. Take it from someone who only has a laptop to play games on. It's plain awful.

| >>548321 a good chromebook can run light games like EtG, but they all have bad disk space and getting linux running on them can be stupid hard.

| >>548321 I would never trust hardware mada by google, I prefer to spend a little more and get something else

| http://pcpartpicker.com

| Get a liquid one instead

| $800 for html (=web development) and graphical slide-shows (=2d game)? Oo
I wouldn't pay more than 300$ for that.
Get a Thinkpad, or if physical stability really matters a Toughbook (+100$).
2x3Ghz/4*1,5Ghz, 4-8GB RAM, onboard graphics (intel) and a 128-256GB SSD should be more than enough. I would look for 2nd hand device (200$) and upgrade RAM and HDD -> 100$.

| Lenovo has decent stuff, and is/was having a clearance sale recently. Picked up a low-end t480 for about $500.

| Get a ThinkPad you cuck.

| >>548464
Where do you live? Why is this stuff so expensive? I got such a device for 250€, which is about 280$
And you call its specs low-end?
Is software these days really that bad?

| >>548463
Idunno, tech is kinda overpriced where I'm from, but that still was a pretty rough estimate.
You're kinda oversimplifying things a bit. For web dev on my desktop I usually need browser, phpstorm and a bunch of docker containers open at the same time, which I think can be a tad taxing, so even 8 GB RAM might not be enough. That CPU and onboard graphics might also be a bit too weak to handle even 2D games nowadays.

| T series Thinkpad. Ideally an older model that still has IBM's build quality and not the cheap Lenovo stuff. Put a new SSD in and max out the memory and that thing still rocks.

| >>548583
*war flashback to back when I still do web dev*

| New: Huawei matebook D14 with ryzen is great value and has a decent internal GPU along with nice build quality.
Used: what everyone above says, older ThinkPad and max it out with RAM and SSD. These things are legendary when it comes to quality and build design.

| Sounds pretty tough to find a decent yet affordable laptop in the first place but I guess it al comes down to what you’re going to use it gor

| >>548583
>You're kinda oversimplifying things a bit.
Did you ever hear about the KISS principle?
>For web dev on my desktop I usually need browser, phpstorm and a bunch of docker containers open at the same time
I do web dev too. If you know how to use apache, php and the profile manangement of firefox and chromium you only need a good text editor like vim or kate, and for larger projects maybe an IDE like Kdevelop.
Container systems like Docker are a violation of technology to me.

| >>549011
I feel like a point exists where keeping things "simple" starts to veer into the territory of being somewhat unreasonable, i.e. when it's less "simple" and more "bare-bones". It's great if just apache, php and vim are enough for you, but I find a proper IDE to be adding a lot to productivity and using Docker is required at work, we have a lot of stuff to manage (23-25 containers usually, there would be no end to trouble if we tried to manage that without containerizing).

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