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Facebook data leak on amazon servers

| Half of a billion users data of the still popular proprietary and monopolistic plattform "Facebook" was stored on an amazon storage server (newspeak: "cloud"), which granted public access.

This happens if you put all eggs in one basket. Unfortunately most users will give a shit again and persist forcing their fellow people to use this shitty platform too.


| Cue Zucc saying that he's sorry and that he won't let Facebook leak data again

| >>548042
Suckerborg will assimilate you! Resistance is furtile!

| Nice.

| I dont get why you are still surprised. You shouldn't be complaining here, you should create a competitor, that will be even worse. Be the ultimate evil, people don't want salvation anyway. Make mankind your bitch

| >>548105 trust Zucc, give him his data
Join the database, why have privacy?

| Is the data available for download somewhere right now? Asking for a friend

| >>548105
Facebook just buying all it's competitors

Captcha is "sight caves czars". Accurate.

| >>548105
>you should create a competitor
I run a diaspora pod. There are even some people that pay me for hosting their accounts there (mostly friends and family members). The issue is that facebook is a closed network. So there is no chance to compete with it. Like other distributors of proprietary software and services, they locked their customers in their product, so that alternatives have no chance to compete.

| >>548151
You should do it as well, even more aggressively than Facebook

| Facebook is always being shitted on, but what about Instagram and Whatsapp? my friends are always makingfun of facebook when they are also using Instagram and Whatsapp

| >>548205
>Facebook is always being shitted on
Yeah, but only qualitative not quantitative.
>but what about Instagram and Whatsapp?
They all belong to facebook and it was recently announced that they're going to merge them.
>my friends are always makingfun of facebook when they are also using Instagram and Whatsapp
Your friends are not good informed then.

| >>548216
i'm actually glad to hear that. i i only use whatsapp and i would like to try telegram, but in my country there aren't that many users yet. i hope that people realizes how evil the zucc is and stop using his services.

| >>548263
Well, telegram has at least an open source client (mostly?), so that the implementation can be validated independently. It also has an open API (but facebook had this too, once) But there still is a massive flaw:
The service is, like facebook & co, central, so:
- You have to setup end2end encryption, to prevent exposing your messages.
- Some data about all users behavior will still end up at one provider (timestamps, contacts, etc.)
- Lock-In effect

| What about Signal? That was big a few years back. Is it still a thing?

| >>548302
Signal is technically much better than telegram and solves some of its issues mentioned in >>548289
My issue with signal is that its servers are all separate and closed networks, which is an intentional design decision by the devs.
If it had at least a federate option, it would be perfect.

I recommend using good old jabber/xmpp with a provider you trust. The "conversations" app for Android,supports the most relevant protocoll extensions plus omemo and pgp encryption.

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