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Microblogging services

| Is there any decent microblogging services that allows remain anonymous w/o bullshit?
(and is it worth it to host blog by myself?)

| Mastodon.

| Also write.as.

| https://ghost.org/vs/tumblr/

You can also just learn how to use Ghost, but that's for regular blogging.

| My bad, the only one of these that's microblogging is Mastodon, lmao.

| If you don't self host it, forget about anonymity and/or no bullshit.

| Write.as is just prettier pastebin. Which is good if that's what you're looking for

| Make it with ruby on rails(or be one of the cool gurls and use ruby with Sinatra) and host on heroku free tier

| I saw a realy pretty blog hosted on neocities not too long ago. You can host a static site there and they won't put ads on it.

| >>547717
Neocities is still alive?? Man that's old school

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This thread is permanently archived