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Awoo! on Pi help?

| I have been trying to get a copy of "Awoo!" running on my pi as i would like to host one for a few of my close friends. But i admit my know how is low at best. anyone know how/willing to help me out? thanks.

| Look, it's hard to help you if that's everything you're willing to tell us. What's the problem? Compiling it? Making a systemd plug? Installing an OS in the first place? Nobody here is going to write a complete guide, but we might help you out with specifics and concepts.

| Did you turn it off and back on again?

| OP here. I have Raspbian Stretch from the pi site, and have run the updates. I have also looked up and installed sql with this link (http://recipes.item.ntnu.no/setting-up-an-sql-database-on-the-raspberry-pi/) but from here I can't seem to figure out what the next part is. and I have no idea what to put into duckduckgo. SQL is all new to me. and i was kinda looking forward to learning with this too. But I cannot seem to find anything I can string together.

| >>6ab0bf and yes, i have flicked the power off, on, off, on, o(o)f(n)f, then on again. the super position was tricky to get, but i don't think it helped.

| All I did was copy from github
"Awoo is a textboard engine based on the Sinatra micro-framework

You'll need the sinatra, sinatra-contrib, mysql2, and rerun gems, as well as a mysql server set up using the create.sql file.

Running sudo make install will make a user named awoo, copy src to /opt/awoo, set up your database and put a service file in /etc/systemd/system so you can run sudo systemctl start awoo to start the server on port 8080"

At what part are you having trouble?

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This thread is permanently archived