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Buying a cheap chromebook then install linux

| I found a chromebook for like 75 bucks. Gonna unstall GalliumOS on it. Im just gonna use it to browse the net and maybe work on some personal projects and maintain my site. Is it worth it g/u/rls?

| For 75$? Sure, I suppose. But don't expect a whole lot outta it.

| they're good for text editing cause they have mega battery life but not for anything that requires storage space. if you want videos or games, you'll need a big usb. mine is not something I'd use as my daily driver, but definitely good for working on the train or such.

| For this price? Definitely
The cheapest one where I live is 260US$

| OP here. Gonna buy it and report back. Thanks g/u/rls.

| looking forward to the report OP. i have been toying with the idea of doing the same thing myself.

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This thread is permanently archived