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Scan lines app

| Is there a scan lines app to overlay scan lines on a android device, bonus points if they are animated

| I wonder if such an overlay is seen as security risk by the vendor/google so that it only would work with a rooted device.

| >>4fadea >>544114 maybe

| haven't found one dedicated for scanlines, but an app called DesignOverlay is available on the Play Store with which you can overlay any image

| >>544149 link?

| >>544163 here's a search result that I haven't tested at all:

| >>544114
Developer that has been harassed by Google's system here: No, it won't! But there's a catch.

In newer Android version, overlays act differently. I believe in O (8.x), it has a persistent notification nagging you about it. Screen overlays are also disabled during permission request (in M/6.x) and app installation through Package Installer.

But other than that, apps can overlay the whole screen. That's how those 'bluelight' and 'dimmer' apps work

| >>544254 wow thanks that helps a lot

| https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.marcenuk.zoker

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This thread is permanently archived