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Need a new distro

| I broke my fedora distro beyond repair and am interested in going to another distro. Was interested in maybe trying devuan, but I'm gonna be open to most things

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| Ofc arch!

| What distros have you used already?

| Moebuntu

| Void

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Chakra is Arch optimized for normies :) Different then lots of other "for normie" distros (and OSes) the common denominator is NOT "designed for brainlets and menials" as it is still open for pros and free people.

| >>543896 I've used mainly fedora and ubuntu. Fedora for server side stuff and ubuntu for work. I would also be interested in trying other oses as well such as BSD.

| >>544088 how is it compared to manjaro, as far as 'normie friendly' goes

| >>544299 you may like to try rolling distros like arch, void, suse tumbleweed etc for a different perspective. If you want to try bsds, trueos is an easy option to install.

| >>543900 Tell me more...

| Hackintosh? Let the flames rise.

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Good luck actually managing the kexts and ACPI repairs if you have a PC/laptop that isn't compatible with Mac. I've been there for five years and it is hell.


Solus is the best distro. It works very fast

| Distrowatch is really a better place to look for a new distro

| >>544837 it's like Ubuntu, but with moe girl theme

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This thread is permanently archived