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Thoughts on TempleOS

| What are your thoughts about TempleOS as usable operating system, personal or for production?

| In 2 years it'll be the perfect OS
Because that's when article 13 is fully implemented and the internet dies

| Ah, yes. I too watch Down the Rabbit Hole.

| RIP Terry :(

| I feel like a fag. How did I not know about this.
>Made a variation of C called HolyC
>Made a flight sim just for the OS
>Embedding images in code

| >>543584
The really impressive thing is the integrated C interpreter.

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| Shit meme

| >usable
TempleOS is definitely not. It doesn't support hardware except kb and mouse, it doesn't support any media and popular office formats, it only can be used as text editor and shell (oh yeah, you can also read Bible and play wierd games).

| >>543705
It's total shite. But I never dedicate myself to my personal projects which is a big reason to why I'm so impressed.

| >>543705
If TempleOS is OSS, you could implement better hardware, media and even network support using its editor and shell, which in fact are more advanced development tools than the stock equivalents on most other systems.

| >>543773
I just looked up: I is OSS! So developing it could be a nice project for master students in informatics (even thought it could be seen as blasphemia)
Talking about blasphemia: I'd suggest refferencing to other religions when it comes to name the new components. The projects name could be "TempleOS - Syncretism" then. This would make the usage of "Valhalla" and "Nirvana" mandayory ofc ;-)

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