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Good code editors?

| I already know the best one is VS Code but I don't like Microsoft

I've been always using Atom but now Github (Atom's dev) has been bought by MS too!! Why do they have to ruin things I love ;c

Are there any other options left, or it is time to welcome our new Microsoft overlords?

P.S.: I'm using Solus btw

| Just use vim. That's all the editor you'll ever need.

| In case I'm being tailed by a Stallman follower: or GNU/emacs. That works too.

| I use geany. It's not the best but does the job

| Kate from KDE. It's the best GUI editor I've seen so far. Once you've activated it's powerful plugins as you need it, you become invincible! :-)

There are also whole development environments that make use of kate:
- KDevelop (for various languages
- Kile and KBibtex (for LaTeX)

| Vi, Vim, VsCode with Vim commands plug-in and NeoVim

| What's the best vim skin?

| >>541909 what even is a vim skin? Are you talking about color schemes?

| >>541859
came here to post this
extensible and yet easy to use, there's also an option to enable vim mode
I use it on my Arch laptop, I even installed it on my Windows PC.

| >>541953 if it has vim mode I agree it's the best, all editors with vim mode are the best

| Sublime

| >>541918

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