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Thoughts on Google stadia?

| Idk if this is a /tech/ thing or a /v/ thing but anyway. What do you guys think about it?

| Proprietary

| >>541061
Absolutely propietary

| Evil and the controller seems horribly uncomfortable

| >>541087 Next to uncomfortable, the controller itself is evil too. Built-in microphone and a likely persistent connection with Google, can't see anything going wrong with that.

| >>0f68ad dude my thoughts are actually mixed, i'll say everything about it in some minutes aaaaa sry i'm busy

| A big fluke

| I hope this one fails hard

| I'm gonna try it out with my phone

| I mean, if you don't have internet basically you can't play, that's because cloud gamimg never took off, like OnLive, Stadia is basically a software version of OnLive
For it to at least work and gather a user base of casual or even some serious gamers that live alone so no one starts watching netflix in 4k while you're fighting the final boss
I think that even if Stadia fails, it'll help develop some other stuff in this next decade, btw holy shit the 20s are coming

| >>541209
OnLive never took off because Sony bought it and shut it down.

| >>46d2a8
I keep seeing comparisons to OnLive, but that isn't fair. This is like if we said Steam would fail because internet connections in the 90s were so slow that it would be faster to just install by CD. Internet infrastructure has vastly improved the last 10 years. I think you people are just too young to remember the lates 80s and 90s to understand the infrastructure is now here for a game streaming service.

| >>5eaec2
To clarify and to avoid confusion. I'm saying it's like if in 2003/2004 we said Steam will fail cause 5 years ago most people had dial up and that CD installation is faster since most still had dial up. Stadia isn't for DSL customers in bum fuck egypt. This is meant for metropolitan customers with fast internet speeds and low latency.

| >controller microphone

| Theyre already listening to every other microphone in your house, one more cant hurt

| Only microphone in my house is in phone... I always wonder, what's more. Give me some example in your room

| >>541602 notebook, Nintendo 3DS, a lot of mic components for my arduino(I guess this one doesn't count since I program it myself) and my headset
TBH it's far pess than I'd expected

| I think that stadia is the future. Ive always thought that in the future that there will be no physical storage devices. Or at least they won't be the norm, everything will be cloud based. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but I think that's where we are headed and stadia is a step towards that.

Ireally do like the practicality of whatstadia can offer (inthefuture) tho (aslong as you can use m&k on PC) I don't think it will replace games, but would be really cool for demoing games

| >>790629 i think that stadia and gaming as we are used today will kinda live in harmony with each other
Like youtube and netflix

| >>790629 now that's rude, g/u/rl

| As long it doesn't become mandatory/standard I don't mind.
I like to play locally and without the need of internet connection.
But I'm afraid, that this kind of platform may once become standard run by a monopolist or at least oligopolists and no one cares. But like in the many other cases I'm not going to be a part of it.

| I simply don't see this happening, plausibly, in the world we live right now. It requires a minimum of 25mb connection, when most metropolis in the world can only reach up to 10mb at best. Not to mention geographical distance, which WILL cause input lag.

| >>541731
>Ive always thought that in the future that there will be no physical storage devices.
Do you know that the "cloud" is nothing but a marketing word for physical storage devices that are assembled somewhere on server farms? So it's nothing new and nothing immaterial. The Internet itself is nothing but a "cloud" storage from its very beginning and long before this term existed.

| >>d3eedb exactly
>>3add81 exactly
You both did the job of expressing what i think better than myself, maybe i'll look for u when i'm fighting with my bf

| >>542183
To be fair, most "clouds" have redundant copy scattered around the world. So if, say, one place goes down, there's still everywhere else.

But yeah, they're still physical copies.

| >>d3eedb I know, but I mean, I don't think that common people with have physical storage devices in their own homes. Obviously there will be physical servers else where

| No thanks. I like to tinker and mod my games and use alternative source ports.

| >>542833
So you are illegally tampering the service provided to you :^)

| >>542870 not really, it's legally tampering with software you aquired
Unless you agree to the EULA, then you're screwed for doing this kind of thing

| >>542870 steam mods

| I prefer retaining ownership my games, thanks. Also god I hope this streaming shit dies, idk why anyone would want it.

| >>543496 I understand wanting to stream games to play without installing, but I see no reason to give up on owning games and being able to install them locally if you want to

| Streaming games has the same issues like streaming movies and music:
- it sucks if you have a bad or broken internet connection
- bandwith is a limited ressource
- you are absolutely dependend on the platform providers dessicions and fate
- It limits people to consume only. No chance to be productive, like modding the game.
- If modding is somehow implemented anyhow, everything you do may belong to the platform provider

| i heard itll need 25 to 30mbps to have good graphics lol. cant wait to play at mediocre conditions at best w a bunch of stutters and buffers bc my isp sucks

| You are all seeing the negative aspects os this but forgetting that both gaming methods can coexist. For example, I really prefer to own my games but no way I'm installing that ubisoft launcher shit in my pc, so, I may use stadia in the future to play an ubisoft game every now and then while still buying most games rom gog

| >>543891 if both coexist I can live with stadia, on a device dedicated just for it(probably a raspberry pi) and a controller that does not belong to Google
Just to make sure they won't snoop even more into my data
Would be a great way to check if a game is worth buying, better than a demo

| Hopefully they have a similar way of doing things like OnLive did. The whole free 30 minute free trial thing was pretty nice. I only ever bought 3 games off them. I think the subscription cost wasn't too bad, though I never tried it. From what I remember it gave you access to everything that they had available. ( Something like 200 or more games).Heck I had a shitty isp but was still able to enjoy games my old computer would've never been able to run normally.

| >>543891
>You are all seeing the negative aspects os this but forgetting that both gaming methods can coexist.
There is a difference between they "can" coexist and they "will" coexist. At some point it's very likely that they won't coexist, because local data, even if it's proprietary, gives users too much power. Taking away this power is on the long term the most lucrative thing for the usual suspects among the the ranks of "software as service" monopolists.

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