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| I have never actually mastered GIMP in the entire decades of using Linux/unixoids. And this is coming from a person who is willing to learn Haskell for a WM.

>linux bent mon

| 1. If a public school really demands you to use a proprietary product which runs only on top of another proprietary product, they have to give you the licences and a machine for it. The school can't force you to install potential malware on your private device.

2. Gimp is no drawing program. While it is possible to draw shapes, u may better use Krita for it. Gimp only covers partly the functionality of ps, which is intentional. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy

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>GIMP is no drawing program
The task was to make a circle. The Unix philosophy covers this as GIMP labels itself as an image manipulation program, and a designer-friendly tool. Under this assumption, GIMP should be able to do all this.

This is not the same as using 'echo' solely to append a line to a text file. This is using the product as intended.

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You can create a circle with gimp, but since gimp is an image manipulation program and now drawing program it isn't as convenient as drawing circles with a drawing program like Krita.
Drawing is a different task than image manipulation. Drawing a circle in Krita is as easy as in PS.

Bloatware like photoshop wants to cover a lot of functions, becoming slowly an isolated sub-(operation)system. It's a different (and bad) approach than in the *n*x world.

| Maye you could also make a spreadsheet with photoshop, but it would be much more inconvenient than using a specific spreadsheet software.

The main reason why proprietary software developers bloat their "products" is not because they want to satisfy customers. It is because they want to lock them in in their system.
The current trend is to bloat it with web services such as cloud-storage. This will also never implemented to gimp.

| Nevertheless, the main problem about OPs little story is that there is a teacher that demands its pupil not only to use a specific, proprietary software but also to install it on their own private devices. In case this is a public school and not an adbobe, microsoft or apple academy, it is a massive violation of antitrust-law and free market. Because public estate shouldn't promote or support a specific companies products. It would be some kind of subvention.

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You're going off tangent with your speech. Drawing *is* part of a subset of image manipulation. Should grep be limited to receiving pipes from 'more'? No, you can make grep read files. Does this make grep a replacement for 'more'? No, but you can make one.

The Unix philosophy isn't 'do just one thing', it's 'do one thing, and do it well'. GIMP is an image manipulation program, it should be able to draw shapes — else, it fails as an image manipulation program.

| I do agree with your points about school locking their education to one specific program. I was lucky that my school does a hand-me-down with most of the software, but it still is a very vile act to do.

Most of the students graduating there will no doubt know only *one* way of doing tasks (Photoshop is for that, Ms. Word is for that, etc) — and going away from that specific is frowned upon.

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No, drawing shapes is NOT manipulation. As it literally says drawing is drawing and not manipulating. And since there already are many drawing programs you could use to draw shapes, why an image manipulation program needs to do it?
If I want my pupils to draw a shape in a graphics file I just give them a that file and ask them to draw a shape in it with a program of their choice. Better than a "howto click that one button in that one program for that one task" tutorial.

| And btw. here you go "drawing" your shapes with Gimp:
Yes it's different than photoshop, and yes it's a bit more inconvenient, but it works very well. If you need to draw a lot of shapes in a more convenient way you can and should switch easily to an actual drawing program. GIMP is not a full replacement of Photoshop and it doesn't want to be it.

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>drawing shapes is not manipulation
But it aids in manipulation. So what? I want to add a simple circle in my photo - oh look, that's manipulation alright. Not 'alter the gamma to produce X and Y' but it's manipulation.

And you've proven my point. GIMP can draw shapes. Oh no! Does this mean you have disproven yourself by saying GIMP isn't an image manipulation program? It can draw shapes!

| The task was to draw. You might as well give TuxPaint as an alternative. CV 'GIMP isn't a drawing program, so use another' is not an example of Unix philosophy; it doesn't show the extendability of the program.

GIMP can draw, but if you lock it into 'oh wow here's something to edit photos with', you are using it wrong. If the program claims it can, and you see it able to do it, why bother?

| (I don't know how that 'CV' got into the paragraph.)

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Well, to a certain level you could also drive screws in with a hammer and you may also hammer nails in with a screwdriver. Does it make the hammer a screwdriver or the screwdriver a hammer to you?

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No, but I can hack one each from both. Is this a good idea? No. Is this a good way to get myself hurt? Yes. But is this a good learning experience? Yes.

The whole point of the Unix philosophy is to introduce extensive program, that does one thing well and can be integrated with others. If your task is to 'draw a shape' and GIMP does it well, then so be it! Does GIMP draw a shape? Yes; then use it!

| Once you get to the point where GIMP can't support you (see: Krita's amazing pen-tablet pressure detection), then you switch to Krita. Does this mean GIMP is obsolete? No! You can do lots of enhancements to what you make with Krita in GIMP.

Drawing circles? Yeah, can do with GIMP. No need Krita for that.

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