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Android backup

| Why are apps even allowed to flag as not able to be backed up, that ruins the entire point of taking backups when something can just say "nah, you're losing my data" only way around this is with root and only way to root some phones requires unlocked bootloader which you have to wipe your phone to get.
Who fucking designed this shit

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Blame Google for making backup optional. Developers have several choices for backups, and it's either a full, selective (the developer chooses what can be backed up), or none at all.

Guess what most big-name apps do, and guess why non-root/native backup sucks in Android.

| Well, some apps don't support backup because their data is encrypted and if you put it on a new phone (which doesn't have the decryption keys) than the phone can't read the backed up data. That's how security works!

As for a solution I use "adb backup" command from computer for non-rooted devices and Titanium Backup for rooted phones.

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>adb backup
You're literally offering the same solution to the problem. ADB checks the app's manifest to see if the app can be backed up, and fails if the app disallows it. TiBu is the only effective way of getting it done.

As for the reason, while it is valid for some (read: messaging apps with encryption support), it's completely indefensible for others.

| >>536126 Sorry I didn't know that. Now I why you say it's fucked up.

But encryption is also usefull for apps that save a username and password for login.

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