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Starting point for machine learning.

| Okay, so for the past few years, i have been playing around with a collection of raspberry pi units and personal DIY projects. (like using a pi and a wii fit board to log my fat ass online) One of the things I have wanted to start getting into is machine learning. But I admit I have zero idea where to start and have been procrastinating using the "all the learning tools seem to be online and I don't want my info/code stolen/sold" However, i have just come across an article that...

| ...says with this https://coral.withgoogle.com/products/accelerator/ i could keep my data offline. so would any of you g/u/rls have a good starting point to help out?

| U see OP i had the same problem when i started i cant say there is only one source. The subject of AI is relatively new so i didnt found any good books worth the time and money. I imagine u have good programming knowledge so i suggest looking for libraries in python for A.N.N.(Autonomous Neural Network ). If u give me some time i will farward u some URLs for online guides.

| Sorry for my English they are not my main language.

| Depends on what you're doing OP. ML has lots of applications, and one differs from the other. One trained in NLP model isn't compatible for any computer vision use for instance, and the model will of course differ.

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This thread is permanently archived